Life Abroad Coaching


Have you always wanted to live abroad but never knew where to start? The Language House helps you turn dreams into reality by guiding you from a rough idea thru to a solid action plan to actually carrying out that plan. Why continue to put off having the life you really want? Don’t postpone joy, come and join us. The Life Abroad Coaching Package is designed for those who want to live and work abroad for at least 6 months or more. This service is for those who wish to live and work in one or more countries.

To maintain the highest quality of service, The Language House focuses mostly on the Mediterranean region with countries including France, Spain, Italy, North Africa, Greece and Turkey. In isolating our expertise in one region, you can be certain that you’ll receive the best and most updated advice and guidance possible.

Setting up in a new country is not easy so even after you’ve stepped off the plane, you’ll be prepared for what awaits you. What sets The Language House apart from other life abroad coaches is that not only do we allow our clients to empower themselves to design the life they really want but we also offer the training to accomplish this new life. 

Our Life Abroad Coaching package includes the following; 

  •    Help getting inspired to move abroad
  •    Tackling a pre-travel “To Do” list
  •    Financial planning for world travel
  •    Four weekly consultation meetings for a one month time period by phone or in person
  •    Layout of an action plan to accomplish goals/dreams
  •    Research Assignments for isolating the client’s individual needs
  •    Visas
  •    Discovering potential job markets
  •    Exploration to find the right location
  •    Discounts for language training in French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Greek or Turkish
  •    Long term housing
  •    Short term housing assistance
  •    Discounted Teacher Training Program
  •    Translation work
  •    CV/Resume Assistance
  •    Tying up loose ends at home
  •    Self-Exploration travel such as humanitarian projects, educational courses abroad or volunteer programs
  • Unlimited access to client website

This package cost 590 euros for one month of services. To enroll for this program, please complete the online registration form

Once we’ve processed your application we’ll contact you with further instructions on how to proceed. There is no financial commitment to apply.