Gyl Golden


Trainer & Life Coach with The Language House


Gyl Golden is a job abroad coach and specialist in culture transition with special focus in the Mediterranean. She has a Personal Performance Diploma issued by The Coaching Academy and is a member of the International Coach Federation. With fifthteen years of living as an expatriate in countries such as Japan, Thailand, Spain, France, Morocco and Italy, Gyl has been motivating her clients to live and work successfully abroad. 

Gyl Golden, formerly Gyl Johnson, has a Master’s degree of Architecture and spent eight years as an architect in professional practice in the United States. During that time she realized that architecture did not provide the fulfillment that she craved. She finally decided to leave behind her career and most of her worldly possesions to go live in Japan to teach English. She didn’t speak Japanese, she didn’t know if she would like Japan or even if she would like teaching English but she knew for sure it was a path to a new life. 

It turns out that she enjoyed Japan and teaching English and stayed for over two years. Afterwards she did teaching stints in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. She started working as a teacher trainer in Barcelona, Spain before ending up in Rennes, France. After one year, with limited French, no contacts or friends, she decided to open her own school, The Language House, in Montpellier, which is in the south of France. That was in 2004 and as her business has grown slowly but surely, she added new locations in France, Italy, Morocco and Turkey. 

Along with teaching people with little or no teaching experience how to teach English to students of other languages, The Language House also provides language training in six different countries for studying six different languages including French, Spanish and Arabic as well as specialty travel tours to France, Italy and Morocco. 

Gyl’s aim is to promote cross- cultural understanding and immersion by educating her clients through the methods of education travel, language training and cultural exchange and awareness. The best way to understand each other is to spend time in other countries.

Working as a trainer, Gyl has been coaching her clients to find jobs abroad for 6 years. Gyl motivates people to take the big leap of faith necessary to move abroad just as she did. But more than that, she guides them to develop the “real” tools to find jobs and carve out a life abroad. “Yes, we must follow our dreams but what counts is not what we’re dreaming but what we’re going to do.”