The Language House aims to be a trusted source concerning all aspects of living abroad, both short and long term. Accomplishing this entails providing a full range of services which motivate, assist and advise others to live, work and spend time abroad well through education, training, coaching and humanitarian work.

The Language House is dedicated to helping people live and work abroad. Our organization promotes cross cultural understanding and immersion by educating its clients through the methods of purposeful travel, language training and cultural exchange. We offer an internationally recognized TESOL/TEFL Courses as well as language training programs in six different countries. The Language House is the full service gateway to hopeful expatriates and travelers who want to spend significant time abroad.

Because of our long standing reputation, we are in the position to provide the coaching needed to help everyone live the life of their dreams abroad. Our international staff specializes in the Mediterranean countries in order to guarantee success to our clients.