Live the Life of your Dreams Abroad


Is there something that you have always wanted but were afraid to go after it?

Do you find that you are so focused on what you're doing at the moment that you've lost sight you where you're going?

Is there a life you've always dreamed of having but you don't know where to start in order to obtain it?

Have you always wanted to live abroad but never knew how to start?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions then Life Coaching may be right for you. Life Coaching is the process of helping people move from where they are now towards the life they really want. This can often be accomplished more quickly and effectively than acting on one's own.

The Language House helps people get trained, establish a plan and find work abroad so that they can live, discover and enjoy a new life abroad in another country. There was a time when people worked for one company in the same city for their entire career but those days are long behind us. Now more than ever before, thanks to the internet and globalization, we can work anywhere in the world we want and choose whatever career path that suits us. Take advantage of this new movement and use the current trends to motivate yourself in creating the life you've always desired.

Despite the fact that there are so many opportunities for living abroad many people never even try. This is due to a variety of reasons but often the main reason is they don't believe that they can do it. Some people become so overwhelmed with all the information available that they never even make an attempt. What also makes this goal difficult is the fear associated with taking the risk of leaving your home country to live somewhere else. In fact, fear and doubt are probably the two biggest obstacles for moving abroad. If you are constantly around other people, especially family and friends, who are telling you that it's a crazy idea or that you'd never be able to do it; there again is another obstacle that could stop you. Without true commitment and a mentor it's hard to stay on course and follow through.

The Language House is dedicated to helping people live and work abroad. As a result of our dedication and our services, we have been able to help hundreds of reach their life abroad goals. Our life abroad coaches provide support, clarity, non judgemental listening and focus, among other things, to their clients to ensure success their lives.


The main areas we focus on are Life Abroad Coaching topics such as:

Preparing to Move Abroad

Living Abroad Well

Cultural Challenges/ Intergration

Finding Work Abroad

International Life and Career Planning

Making Travel Abroad Plans


Other areas that we focus on more often than not are:

Self Confidence

Self-Esteem Building

Career Change

Life Reinvention



The Language House offers 3- Day Coaching Workshops presented by Gyl Golden, held in the Montpellier and Nice offices in France. Remember you can always prolong your stay after our 3-day workshops in France by adding on French language lessons and/or excursions in around the south of France.

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